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Frank McCourt Offered $1.2 Billion To Sell Dodgers

Bill Burke and a group of Chinese investors are leading a record bid to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers from embattled owner Frank McCourt.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have some buyers. The only big question is who exactly the buyers are.

Owner Frank McCourt has apparently gotten an offer to sell the team to a group of Chinese investors and LA Marathon founder Bill Burke. The Los Angeles Times reports that the money being offered is unprecedented (the previous sale price was $300 million less, when the Cubs were sold) and comes via the Signal Capital Management of New York, Burke's group. "State-owned investment institutions of the People's Republic of China" is where a great deal of the money will come from.

McCourt has made it clear he never ever wants to sell the Dodgers, so it's unclear how far this development will progress. But as his intractable court hearing drags on, an amount of money that exorbitant could become more and more attractive. It could also give the Dodgers a potential marketing opportunity overseas in Asia. It certainly throws a new wrinkle into a process Dodgers fans wish would end as quickly as possible.

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