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Jamey Carroll Wins Dodgers Heart & Hustle Award

Jamey Carroll is one of the most popular players in the Dodgers' clubhouse, and if there was ever an award made for him, this is it. Carroll was named the Dodgers Heart & Hustle Award winner on Friday, voted by the MLB Players Alumni Association to reward players for their "passion, desire, and work ethic demonstrated both on and off the field." Carroll has exceeded expectations in his two seasons as a Dodger.


When Carroll was signed to a two-year, $3.85 million deal in December 2009, more attention was paid to the length of the deal than Carroll's potential impact on the Dodgers. After all, two years for a utility man seemed a bit much. All Carroll has done as a Dodger is put up two above average seasons, hitting .294/.374/.350 in 235 games, and is third among Dodgers position players in WAR over the last two seasons.


Carroll also won the Roy Campanella Award in 2010, voted on by Dodgers players and coaches, which "exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame catcher." The MLB winner of the Heart & Hustle Award will be announced on November 3.