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Bryan Stow Beating Witness Dies, Sources Says Allergic Reaction

Talk about dark stories. According to the Los Angeles Times, the main witness to the beating of Bryan Stow is dead, apparently after suffering an allergic reaction to nuts. Consider the eyebrows raised.

Matthew Lee attended the Dodgers-Giants game with Stow and was scheduled to testify with a first-hand account of the events that led to Stow ending up in a coma after being severely beaten by supposed assailants Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood. Sources close to the investigation state cause of death was an allergic reaction to peanuts in a salad.

Which begs the question--how freaking big was that salad, and were the peanuts smashed into atomic matter?

Peanut allergies are common in America (it's estimated that around three million Americans suffer from peanut allergies). It's hard to imagine Lee not being conscious of his peanut allergy problems, so wouldn't he stop once he noticed the symptoms? Additionally, only 150 Americans die annually from ALL FOOD-RELATED ALLERGIES. What are the odds?

A little suspicious, to say the least. To be continued.

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