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Andre Ethier Discusses All Star Game, Uncertainty Surrounding Dodgers Organization

It's hard to say whether the Los Angeles Dodgers have been effected mentally by the ongoing saga surrounding Frank McCourt and the ownership of the franchise, or if the team just isn't very good. Probably a little bit of both. One thing for sure though is that the Dodgers have not invested heavily in this year's roster because of the team's financial troubles.

One of the team's more highly paid players, Andre Ethier, is definitely carrying his weight. He's batting .317 with 7 HRs, 41 RBIs and an OPS that's approaching .850. While waiting to see if he'd be one of the final selections to the NL All Star squad, Ethier joined Petros & Money on KLAC in LA to talk about potentially returning to his native Phoenix for this year's All Star Game, the Dodgers' struggles in the first half of the season, the uncertainty surrounding the Dodgers organization, and how McCourt's financial situation might affect his future in LA.

Last year you made the National League All-Star team outright. How much more exciting would it be to be voted in on the final vote for the National League All-Star team? How would you like to play in the the All-Star game in your home state of Arizona?

"It would be pretty nice. Last year was my first chance to be in the game. It’s something pretty special. I guess icing on the cake for me being in the major leagues and having somewhat of a major league career so far and it’s a nice little addition and something I could hang my hat on, but definitely being back and in Phoenix for the All-Star game would be something special to be in front of my family and friends and also represent the Dodgers and wear that uniform and jersey and show some of that Dodger pride and love out there."

We realize you players do not sit around talking about Frank McCourt’s financial problems and bankruptcy, but how does the club keep you up to date on what’s going on? Does Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti have meetings with you? Does Tom Lasorda do the dirty work? Do you just keep up with the news in the media like we all do?

"It’s been a situation where if it’s something important and we need to know…we’ll know type of situation and obviously we can take our own interest and I guess outside interest and follow the media coverage that is out there, but at the same time it’s something where there is nothing we can do or have a say about, so it’s been a lesson on its own and when that situation comes up and we have a say in it we’ll address it, but until then we just have to go out and find our game and try to figure out how we can win more games on the field."

Does Frank McCourt’s financial issues play into your future with the Los Angeles Dodgers? Do you ever think about it?

"I try not to let it. I’m really trying to focus on how we are trying to get this thing going here and giving my best effort every day. I guess that’s the best thing about off-season and things like that because you have plenty of time to worry about where you are going to play from time-t0-time and those type of situations and obviously all my things moving forward with this team and what they expressed to me is we are both happy where we are at and where we are going. There is a long-term future for me here and it’s not always happening on a time table we want it to, but there’s some good players here that they want to keep for a long time and when the time says to happen they’ll do it."

(Transcription via: SportsRadioInterviews)