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MLB Trade Rumors 2011: Diamondbacks Interested In Rafael Furcal?

Rafael Furcal has become the centerpoint of trade rumor speculation the last few days, with the Dodgers likely listening to offers from several teams for the services of their shortstop. Yesterday, it was mentioned that the Giants and the Cardinals had both inquired about Furcal; ESPN's Jayson Stark reporting that the Giants had interest and Buster Olney reporting on the interest from the St Louis Cardinals. 

Per Olney's report, the trade with the Cardinals would come with a cost for the Dodgers, who would have to pick up a large portion of Furcal's contract. The newest rumored trade partner for Furcal though, the Arizona Diamonbacks, seem willing to deal for the shortshop and even pay him some of the roughly $3.8 million he's still owed this season. 

Per Jack MacGruder:

#Dbacks, with SS Drew down, appear to have some interest in #Dodgers SS Furcal, who would get prorated $4 million for final two months.

MacGruder notes that the Diamondbacks' shortstop Stephen Drew is now done for the season so it behooves them to pick up a viable alternative. It hasn't been noted what kind of compensation the Dodgers could expect in this deal.