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MLB Trade Rumors 2011: Hiroki Kuroda Sweepstakes Down To Five Teams

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda is on of the most sought after pitchers aside from the Padres Heath Bell and the Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, leaving multiple contending teams vying for his services.'s Scott Miller reports that the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Indians and Tigers are the five contenders in the running for Kuroda still, although Kuroda will have the final say due to his no-trade clause in his contract. His 6-13 record says less about him this season than his respectable 3.11 ERA does, which shows that even without much support Kuroda isn't getting roughed up all too often. The Dodgers are thought to be asking for a young starting pitcher or catcher, and are telling teams that if this isn't a "true baseball deal," they're not willing to trade him. 

The Tigers and Indians have the strongest minor league systems of these five teams, making them a more likely landing spot for Kuroda in my opinion, by the opportunity to play in New York or Boston gives a player a serious shot at making the World Series year in and year out. Kuroda might have a hard time saying no if either the Yankees or Red Sox come up with a palatable deal for the boys in blue.

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