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MLB Requesting Greater Access To Dodgers' Financial Records

The Los Angeles Dodgers, particularly owner Frank McCourt, have turned over a number of documents to MLB, but they have only been available to them in a virtual library at Dodger Stadium. According to Ronald Blum of the AP, that isn't good enough for MLB because they won't be able to take the documents with them when they leave for further examination at a later date. So they are requesting access to the documents in a different form.

As for a timetable for when a decision about the future of the Dodgers might come through, we aren't really close to that either. This quote from Tom Schieffer, who was appointed by Bud Selig to monitor the team's finances last month.

“I just keep saying, you can’t tell how long it’s going to be because you don’t know what you don’t know. We’ll find that out as we go along, and I think if we can just determine what the facts are, then we’ll be in a position to know what options are available to us.”

I know McCourt must be frustrated, but he has to let all of these things come to light or else this process will continue to drag out longer. And the longer we take a look at the McCourt thing, the worse it looks for him.