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Report: Jamie McCourt Seeks Immediate Sale Of Dodgers

The Dodgers' ownership situation, with Major League Baseball overseeing the day-to-day operations of the club, seems to be coming to a head in the next two weeks. Frank McCourt is rumored to be short of cash, unable to make payroll at the end of May. However, Jamie McCourt would like to accelerate the timetable, and is expected to ask the Los Angeles Superior Court to force an immediate sale of the Dodgers, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

As it stands now, either MLB would step in and completely seize the team if the club couldn't make payroll, or McCourt could declare bankruptcy before that happens, leading to a new set of problems. But Jamie McCourt wants action before then. Per Shaikin:

Jamie McCourt's position is that the actions of Frank McCourt — her ex-husband — have endangered the value of the Dodgers. She wants Gordon, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge overseeing the couple's divorce, to order that the club be put up for sale so both parties could reap the maximum value for the primary asset of their marriage, according to the people familiar with the proceedings.

Jamie McCourt is expected to urge Gordon to act before Selig can seize the Dodgers so that the couple, not the league, would control the sale process.

It seems like one way or another, McCourt ownership of the Dodgers won't end without litigation. Whatever action ends this drama the fastest, I am all in favor. Anything to get the focus on the Dodgers back on the field.

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