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Frank McCourt Still Waiting On A Call Back From Bud Selig

Despite all the coverage the story has received, we still don't know a ton about the exact arrangements of MLB's takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Apparently Dodgers owner Frank McCourt doesn't know as much as he would like to either, and he can't get a hold of Bud Selig to get any answers. In an interview on CNBC, McCourt said that he is still waiting for a callback from the Commissioner's office.

I just want to talk to Bud. I'm sure I'll learn a lot more. You know, guys, we all you know run into different jams at different times and how do you solve them? You communicate. You sit down if you're interested in solving a problem, you sit down to talk about a solution. At least that's what I've found in my business career. And I've tried to talk to Bud for several weeks. He's ducking me. I don't know why.

Very rarely have I found myself agreeing with McCourt in this whole situation, but there is absolutely nothing to gain from shutting down the lines of communication entirely. I'm not sure what Selig's angle is on this, if it is in fact true, but I hope that they can get back into contact soon. It can't possibly hurt.