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MLB To Frank McCourt: No Decision Made On Dodgers' TV Deal

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt held a press conference today after meeting with Major League Baseball, claiming that his 17-year television deal had been rejected by MLB, and expressing disappointment in the league's overseeing of the club. However, MLB disagrees. "Mr. McCourt is well aware of the basis of Baseball's investigation and has been provided an eight-page document describing the issues of concern to Major League Baseball," said Rob Manfred, the league's Executive Vice President of Labor Relations. From the statement by Manfred:

It is unfortunate that Mr. McCourt felt it necessary to publicize the content of a private meeting. It is even more unfortunate that Mr. McCourt's public recitation was not accurate. Most fundamental, Commissioner Selig did not 'veto' a proposed transaction. Rather, Mr. McCourt was clearly told that the Commissioner would make no decision on any transaction until after his investigation into the Club and its finances is complete so that he can properly evaluate all of the facts and circumstances.

Furthermore, Tom Schieffer's role has been clearly explained to McCourt and the Dodgers, said Manfred, adding, "In our meeting, no one from the Dodgers asked a single, specific question about the terms of the document setting forth the monitor's role."

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