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New Dodgers Vice Chairman Soboroff: 'We Need More People Like Frank McCourt'

It appears Frank McCourt won't give up control of the Los Angeles Dodgers without a fight. While commissioner Bud Selig isn't in McCourt's corner, deciding Wednesday to oversee day-to-day operations and finances of the Dodgers, Steve Soboroff is on Team Frank. Soboroff, a former advisor to L.A. mayor Richrd Riordan, was hired by the Dodgers Tuesday as Vice Chairman "with responsibility for leading efforts to improve the fan experience at the stadium, strengthening ties to the region’s community and philanthropic organizations, and expanding conservation and sustainability programs at Dodger Stadium."

Soboroff, not surprisingly, is fully supporting his new boss, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times:

"This is like having money in the bank and having somebody hold your ATM card," Soboroff said. "The money is in the bank. The Fox deal is done. These actions are not allowing him to access money. That's a lot different than saying he's got financial problems."

They have made a decision they want somebody else," Soboroff said. "There's a predetermined campaign to blow him out of town. I think it's irresponsible and it's hurting the city.

"We need more people like Frank McCourt."

This isn't the first time Soboroff has defended McCourt. Soboroff wrote an editorial for the Los Angeles Times last September, imploring people to stop "piling on" McCourt. No matter the end result of these actions by MLB regarding the Dodgers, it appears Frank McCourt will have at least one loyal soldier in his corner until the bitter end.

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