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Mark Cuban Reportedly Interested In Buying Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are for sale, there is one name that comes up most often from fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers when asked whom should replace Frank McCourt as owner of the team. Mark Cuban, currently the owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, said on Thursday he is interested in buying the Dodgers, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times:

The process could begin next week, when the investment bank handling the sale of the Dodgers is expected to provide prospective buyers with confidential financial data in a so-called "bid book." A party that receives a book is not obligated to bid.

"[I] will see a book," Cuban wrote in an email.

Cuban was part of a team that bid for the Texas Rangers in 2010, but lost out to the group led by Nolan Ryan.

In the 11 full seasons since Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks in January 2000, Dallas has a .687 winning percentage, never winning fewer than 51 games in a season, including the NBA championship in June. In the 11 years prior to Cuban's ownership, Dallas had a .329 winning percentage and made the playoffs just once.

The sale of the Dodgers is expected to extend through spring training, which means they won't have a new owner in place in time to make any moves for 2012. Though the club did extend Matt Kemp for eight years and $160 million, the team is not likely to be significantly different in 2012 than the team that went 82-79 in 2011.

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