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Dodgers Close To Signing Rockies Second Baseman Mark Ellis

According to ESPN's Buster Olney, Colorado Rockies second baseman Mark Ellis is on the verge of a two-year deal with the Dodgers worth a little less than $4.5 million per year over two years.

Ellis spent the majority of his nine years in the league with the Oakland A's before being traded to the Rockies in July. A career .266 hitter, he fits what the Dodgers have looked for this offseason in second basemen and catchers.

The 34-year-old played in 132 games this season with Oakland and Colorado with seven homeruns and 41 RBI.

He found some pop in his bat in Colorado, where his numbers were drastically better than they were in Oakland. But we are talking about thin-aired Colorado, so take that information for what it is.

This comes on the same day that the Dodgers are negotiating an 8-year, 160 million dollar contract with Matt Kemp, who is coming off a season where he led the NL in home runs, RBI, runs scored, total bases and adjusted OPS+.