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Gold Glove Awards: Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp And Andre Ethier Become First Dodgers Trio Ever To Win

The 2012 Rawling Gold Glove Awards are underway and the Los Angeles Dodgers already have three Gold Glove winners. Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier all became recipients on Tuesday night.

Left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw claimed the first Gold Glove of his young career on the heels of a 21-5 pitching season. Kershaw is also in the running for this year's Cy Young Award and could become the second Dodgers pitcher since Orel Hershier (1988) to win both honors in the same year.

Matt Kemp won his second Gold Glove after taking the award in 2009. Ethier laid claim to his first Gold Glove. The duo marks the first pair of teammates to win the award since 2007.

The three Dodgers- Kershaw, Kemp and Ethier- became the first trio of Dodgers to win the Golden Glove in the same year. The Dodgers may have come up short in their goals as a team this year but they certainly have talented individual players, as evidenced by the Golden Glove recipients on Tuesday night.