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Kershaw Tops 200 Innings, Joins Select Company

By retiring 11 Diamondbacks so far tonight -- in order, I might add -- Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers has joined select company. He has passed the 200 inning mark, just the sixth Los Angeles Dodger to do so at age 22 or younger:

LA Dodgers 22 & Younger With 200 IP
Ismael Valdes199622225.0117
Ramon Martinez199022234.1126
Fernando Valenzuela   198322257.096
Fernando Valenzuela198221285.0122
Don Sutton196722232.278
Don Sutton196621225.2110
Don Drysdale195922270.2122
Don Drysdale195821211.299

Kershaw, who including the playoffs threw 184 1/3 innings last season, has five strikeouts through four innings tonight, and 208 on the season. The number of left-handed pitchers in Los Angeles Dodger history to amass 200 strikeouts in a season are Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela, and Kershaw.


Select company, indeed.