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Clippers trade rumors: No Garnett, Clips sit tight at deadline

Despite rumors that they'd try to bring in Kevin Garnett, the Los Angeles Clippers didn't do anything at the trade deadline, sticking with a team that's started out the year 39-17.


The Los Angeles Clippers spent a little bit of time inquiring about potential deals, but with the trade deadline passed, they'll spend the rest of the season with the same team that has them a contender in the Western Conference.

There were a few motivations for the Clippers to make a trade, with the primary deal discussed sending Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan for Kevin Garnett. The first was to space the floor better for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in the pick-and-roll by bringing in a center with a jump shot. The second, hypothetically, was to prove to Chris Paul that the team is interested in building a contender, and that they'll do whatever it takes to please him, with Paul a free agent this upcoming center.

The truth is, they've already built a contender. They're 4.5 games back of the conference-leading San Antonio Spurs, and they're only that far because of a really dismal stretch when Paul was injured. Although the possibility remains that Paul leaves this summer, he's really seemed to enjoy his two seasons with the Clippers, and he wants to stay, he and Griffin have a lot of years, lobs, and wins ahead of them. Clips Nation advocated that the team shouldn't make a trade, and that Eric Bledsoe - also talked of as a chip in a trade for Paul Millsap - is better than many give him credit for. From that perspective, it seems no news is good news for the Clippers, and that's what this trade deadline eventually brought.

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