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NBA scores: Clippers hold off Lakers, stay at the top of Pacific

The Clippers handled the Lakers on Sunday, which is good news for their efforts to gain the top spot in the standings.


The NBA scores of note from Los Angeles center around one game, Friday night's contest between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers continued their control of the city scene, with Chris Paul putting up 30 points as the Clips held off a fourth-quarter comeback attempt from the Lakers.

For the Lakers, the loss came following a 103-99 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, and was their third loss in their last four games. For the Clippers, it snapped a two-game losing streak that represented a stumble for the team that put together a 16-0 December.

Other recent scores that might interest fans in Los Angeles are the 109-85 win the Oklahoma City Thunder put up against the 76ers and the 100-83 San Antonio Spurs' loss to the New York Knicks. The Clippers are tied with the Thunder at the top of the Western Conference, and San Antonio is just a half-game behind.