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Matt Barnes, Other NBA Stars Use MMA To Prepare For Season

Given the fact that newly acquired Los Angeles Clippers forward and former UCLA standout Matt Barnes has made an NBA career out of being an enforcer, it should be no surprise that a report from ProBasketballTalk states that the former Los Angeles Lakers reserve is using Mixed Martial Arts as a way to prepare for the upcoming season.

"It's a great, intense cardio workout," Barnes told the site. "Me growing up on the streets, fighting my whole life, learning the proper way to strike, to throw elbows, to throw knees, to guard, it's just a great way to get ready and get a workout in."

Barnes is working with former MMA fighter John Marsh at Gold's Gym in Redondo Beach, Calif. and is learning how to fight, according to the report. The training could serve two purposes for Barnes, who enjoys mixing it up with the other team and serving as his team's enforcer. He'll get into better shape and become an even stronger asset in an enforcer role he's comfortable with.

Other stars, such as Indiana Pacers' big man Roy Hibbert, have also adopted the MMA training.

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