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Jamal Crawford Rumors: Clippers Ready To Offer Mid-level Exception

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking for a new shooting guard in the offseason, and they may have found their man in Jamal Crawford. Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times files this report that has the Clippers ready to offer Crawford one huge deal.

Crawford was impressed by his visit to the Clippers' facility, and the organization was impressed by the 6-5 guard.

The Clippers could offer a free agent a mid-level exception deal starting at $5 million and worth up to $21.7 million over four years.

They are willing to offer Crawford, 32, a three-year deal worth about $15.7 million, according to the NBA executives.

Crawford is coming off a year with the Portland Trail Blazers where he averaged 13.9 points per game, 3.2 assists per game and 2.0 rebounds per game, which are among his lowest level of production in over half a decade. However, Crawford is one of those guys that could really thrive with a great point guard like Chris Paul distributing the basketball and Blake Griffin drawing double-teams, as he could become another crucial wheel in the Clipper chase for a championship.

This figures to be the first of many moves the Clippers could make this offseason to shore up critical positions of need.

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