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Lamar Odom Excited to Return to Los Angeles

Lamar Odom joined recently joined Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money to talk about his return to Los Angeles to play with the Clippers. Via, Odom described his reaction:

"I was really excited when I got the call and heard the Clippers were excited about bringing me in and it kind of gave me a swift kick in the butt. I just want to get back to that form before the trade and get back to playing my best basketball man. I'm looking forward to having a great season."

Odom went on to talk about being back in LA - is he excited to play for the Clippers, or just to return to a city he loves? "It was both," he replied. "Like I was telling these guys before that I'm from New York but I was raised in LA. I've been here since I was 19-years-old. Spent a year in Miami but other than that I've been with the Clippers and with the Lakers so to be able to come back and to play for the Clippers after they went through a whole transition as far as bringing Blake (Griffin) here and bringing Chris (Paul) here and the beautiful practice facility that they have they're really serious about winning and hopefully I can help change and keep that tradition a winning one."

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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