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2012-13 Clippers Schedule Released, Host Grizzlies In Season Opener

The schedule for the Clippers' upcoming season has been released.


The Los Angeles Clippers are expected to be one of the western conference's better teams next season. Armed with an electric power forward in Blake Griffin, a star point guard with Chris Paul and a strong core of role players, the Clippers have a real chance to make a move should they reach the playoffs.

The schedule for the 2012-13 season was released on Thursday night. The Clippers will begin their season on Halloween Night (Oct. 31) at Staples Center when they host the Memphis Grizzlies. You'll recall these two teams played an incredible seven-game series last June in the playoffs.

After an off-day, the Clippers will face the Lakers at Staples Center on November 1. They will be the designated road team. The Clippers will then host the Golden State Warriors the next night, which is the first Saturday game of the season for the team.

You can find the complete NBA schedule for 2012-13 here. Take a look at the full Clippers schedule here.

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