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Clippers Offseason: Ryan Gomes Released Through Amnesty Clause

The Los Angeles Clippers have released forward Ryan Gomes through the NBA's new amnesty clause. The deadline was to decide on releasing Gomes was at 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday. Now with an extra space open on the roster, the Clippers are expected to sign veteran wing Grant Hill to a two-year deal.

As for Gomes, he will still earn his $4 million in salary this season. It just won't count against the Clippers' salary cap. He averaged just 2.3 points-per-game in 32 games last season with LA, so the decision was not exactly a tough one to make with no trade suitors out there.

The Clippers will continue looking to improve their roster, although they appear to be a team close to finalizing everything before practices resume in a few months. They already made their big splash of the offseason by signing Blake Griffin to a five-year contract extension.

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