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Los Angeles Clippers Offseason: Grant Hill To Sign With Team, According To Report

According to a tweet from Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix, Arizona's John Gambadoro, Phoenix Suns free agent forward will join the Los Angeles Clippers.

Hill's name had been mentioned more often with another team from LA, the Lakers, so this would be quite the coup if Hill was to join the Clippers.

The Clippers have already brought in Lamar Odom via trade, signed Jamal Crawford, re-signed Chauncey Billups and signed Blake Griffin to an extension in a summer that rivals last summer when the team brought in Billups and Chris Paul.

Hill would add some veteran know-how and versatility to the frontcourt where he can guard both forward spots, hit the mid-range jumper with consistency and provide a calming force in the locker room. A team with Billups and Hill in the locker room is a team headed in the right direction.

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