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Chris Paul Strains Right Hip Flexor, Sits Out Final Minute Of Game 5 [VIDEO]

When healthy, Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA, bar none. He can control the game with his leadership, his scoring, his defending, his passing, his playmaking. He gives defenses so much trouble and when he's on, he's so tough to beat one-on-one in the final minutes of a basketball game.

Which is why any injury to CP3 can be concerning, particularly one that takes him out of a close game. Video of the injury coming after the jump.

Word after the game is that Paul strained his right hip flexor, which could be an issue going forward. Will he be able to play Game 6 in Los Angeles? Probably, but there have to be some consternation with both Paul and Blake Griffin banged up going into what probably will be the crucial game in the series.

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Check out the SB Nation NBA YouTube channel below.