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2012 NBA Playoffs, Clippers Vs. Grizzlies Game 2 Video Highlights

Let's take a look at some of the highlights from Game 2 of the Western Conference Playoffs between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies. As you would expect, CP3 and Blake Griffin were involved, but there were others like Reggie Evans and DeAndre Jordan as well.


Reggie Evans goes down after contact with Marc Gasol, and he might have embellished a bit.


Better angle of the madness.


I have no idea what's going on here.

Chris Paul gets the alley-oop off and up to DeAndre Jordan.


Blake Griffin decides to go way under the defense to make things happen.


Chris Paul changes speed and direction with this Eurostep to the rim.

Blake Griffin kisses the sky with this long-range dunk.

The Clippers had their share of highlights on Wednesday night, but it wasn't enough to overcome the all-around team play of the Memphis Grizzlies. This fan was quite pleased.


(Watch in real time at MockSession)

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