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Clippers Vs. Spurs Game 3 Halftime: Clippers Lead 53-43 At The Half

The Los Angeles Clippers came out with something to prove in game three of their series versus the San Antonio Spurs. They're on their way to proving it, leading 53-43 at the half. After two dominant performances by the Spurs offense in games one and two, the Clippers defense managed to open the game strong, helping the Clippers to a 26-4 run in the closing minutes of the first quarter. Despite losing at points by as much as 20, the Spurs were able to build momentum in the second quarter and by the time halftime arrived the Clippers were only leading by 10.

Blake Griffin has been driving things for the Clippers, scoring 20 points and picking up seven defensive rebounds. Los Angeles has managed to limit turnovers, giving up only six, while managing to get the ball from San Antonio nine times. The bench has combined for 18 points, an extremely good sign for the Clippers' offense.

The Clippers have looked better in Saturday's first half since than they have at any point in any of the previous two games, but they have to regain that first quarter momentum if they want to close things out on the Spurs and regain a foothold in the series, where they currently trail 2-0.

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