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2012 NBA Playoffs, Spurs Vs. Clippers: San Antonio's Offense Is Too Hot

The Los Angeles Clippers fell behind 2-0 in their Western Conference semifinals series against the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. Los Angeles shot an impressive 49.2% from the field and converted on 9 of 13 shots from three-point range, but were unable to combat the Spurs' balanced scoring attack. Five different Spurs finished in double figures in the team's game two victory.

Steve Perrin from SB Nation's Los Angeles Clippers blog, Clips Nation, referenced the Clippers' inability to stop Tim Duncan and a generally hot Spurs offense. Disappointing play by the team's point guard Chris Paul along with poor defense is dooming the Clippers' chances of advancing to the Western Conference finals.

The Spurs shot 53.2% from the field Thursday night and made 10 more three pointers. Their effective field goal percentage in the game was 59.5%. Their effective field goal percentage in the two games of the series is 58.2%. That's smoking hot -- white hot -- super-model hot. And you can't win allowing that kind of shooting.

Commenters on SB Nation's San Antonio Spurs blog, Pounding the Rock, shared their excitement about the team's victory citing the team's offensive performance as well:

Tony and Tim are +18 in the game, +44 in the series. Clips can't win until their starters can play even with our starters, hasn't been happening. (Via: greyberger, Pounding the Rock commenter)

Pounding the Rock's Josh Guyer also pitched in on Twitter a funny quote from the Spurs' head coach, Gregg Poppovich about Tim Duncan's performance: