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NBA Playoffs, Clippers Vs. Spurs Game 1 Score: Tim Duncan Leads San Antonio To 57-49 Halftime Lead

Tim Duncan had 12 points in the first half to lead the San Antonio Spurs to a 57-49 lead over the Los Angeles Clippers at halftime of Game 1 of their second round NBA playoff series Tuesday night at AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Chris Paul had six points and six assists for the Clippers, who had one day off in between their first round series win over Memphis and Game 1 Tuesday. The Spurs, meanwhile, had seven days off after sweeping Utah.

Blake Griffin had 10 points and five rebounds for the Clippers.

Eric Bledsoe, who was impressive in the fourth quarter of Game 7 Sunday in Memphis, provided energy off the bench again on Tuesday, scoring nine points and dishing out four assists in aa minutes. DeAndre Jordan had eight rebounds and seven points in the first half for the Clippers, who shot 47.7% (21 for 44).

Danny Green added 11 points for the Spurs, who shot 48.9% (22 for 45) in the opening half.

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