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ANIMATED: Zach Randolph Clotheslines Blake Griffin

NBA Playoff basketball has always been known for it's increase of physicality, but this Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies series has fallen right in line be being just as chippy and violent. And now that it's game seven the gloves are coming off, as Memphis' Zach Randolph proves to us by clotheslining Blake Griffin under the hoop early in the second half.

Griffin and Randolph get tangled up going for a rebound, which infuriates Randolph to the point of almost landing a closed fist punch into Blake's face. Instead, Griffin catches the brunt of Z-Bo's forearm smack dab on the nose, visibly stunning him as he staggers back, falling to the floor with a dazed look upon his face.



It's not going to get any prettier as both of these squads fight to stay alive this afternoon.



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