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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Lakers, Clippers Fight For Position

SB Nation's Tom Ziller released his latest NBA Power Rankings with the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 6 and the Los Angeles Clippers at No. 7. That seems about right in comparison to the rest of the league, but what he brought up while discussing the Lakers is the sad part of it all.

We're not going to get a Lakers-Clippers series.

After another entertaining game that ended up being one of the Lakers' two wins during the week, the likelihood of a Lakers-Clippers first-round series seems more and more unlikely with nine games left on the Lakers' schedule and 10 games left for the Clippers. Anything can happen in the West so we still don't know where the seedings will land, but the NBA would be a better place if the Lakers could play the Clippers in a playoff series.

Meanwhile, Ziller also pointed out another Lakers-Clippers correlation. Apparently, dunking on Pau Gasol twice has turned Blake Griffin back into a video game and he's returned to his NBA Jam ways.

Welcome back, Blake.

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