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ANIMATED: Grizzlies Fans Are Less-Than-Impressed By Clippers Win

It was a comeback for the ages on Sunday night in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Down by 24 points with eight minutes left in regulation -- and in enemy territory -- the Los Angeles Clippers pulled off a staggering surge of scoring to pull off an improbable 99-98 come-from-behind victory against the Memphis Grizzlies and go up 1-0 in the series. While the comeback was underway, some of the Grizzlies fans were ... oh, let's say, "less than enthused."

For example, take this fella:


Ray Walston isn't very happy about what he's seeing on the court at this point. Actually, on second thought, this may actually be an Indiana Pacers fan who is nonplussed that he wandered into the wrong playoff game by mistake. Have you ever seen anyone who looks more like a Pacers fan? Because I haven't.

But I think this young lady may take the prize:


There's a lot of sadness there. Sadness in her team losing, sadness in the $20 she dropped on that Grizzlies headband, sadness enough to spare. If you were wondering what you're supposed to look like when your team blows a 24-point, fourth-quarter lead, please see above.

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