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Clippers Vs. Grizzlies Game 1 Score Update: Memphis Blowing Out L.A. 34-16, Zach Randolph Doing Push-Ups

The Memphis Grizzlies went out to a rocking start against the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1 of their Western Conference Playoff series, as they got all five starters buckets early on to put them up 15-6. Memphis continued the torrid pace, doubling up the Clippers for much of the first half and leading by as many as 20 points.

Marc Gasol has set the tone with an impressive ten points, four assists and two rebounds. Rudy Gay contributed seven points and five assists, O.J. Mayo put in another six points, and Mike Conley added three points and four assists. Not much to like for the Clippers, as they're currently shooting under 30% from the field. Blake Griffin has two fouls and is 1-3 shooting. Chris Paul has two fouls, three assists and no points on 0-3 shooting. Caron Butler leads Los Angeles with six points, who are shooting 31% (compared to 65% for the Clips).

It was getting so bad for the Clippers that Zach Randolph was faking injuries and doing pushups.


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