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Maurice Evans Suggests Chris Paul As Next National Basketball Player's Association President

Maurice Evans suggested that the Players Association would do well with Chris Paul as president, as things continued to play out between Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and the rest of the Executive Committee.


Alex Kennedy over at Hoop Dreams has the latest on Player's Association drama, with Maurice Evans suggesting that Clippers guard Chris Paul could be next in line for President. Paul is currently a member of the Executive Committee, along with Evans, Keyon Dooling, Etan Thomas, Matt Bonner, Roger Mason, Theo Ratliff and James Jones. Evans had high praise for Paul:

"We believe that Chris Paul will be the next president. He played an intricate role during the lockout and throughout the negotiations. He has the confidence of a lot of guys on the board and around the NBA. Going forward, we believe that he would do a great job."

Derek Fisher, current President of the Player's Association, insists he is not going to resign, but as things break down between him, other players and executive director Bill Hunter, something has to give. There have been allegations of Fisher not adequately representing the players during the lockout, and Fisher has been raising questions about the NBPA's business and finances.

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