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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Los Angeles Clippers Pick Jared Cunningham

Could Oregon State shooting guard Jared Cunningham be a good fit with the Los Angeles Clippers if they take him in the 2012 NBA Draft?

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The Los Angeles Clippers have already traded away their first. So Los Angeles will have to look for a gem in the second round to try and complement stars like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

DraftExpress released his latest mock draft, and the Clippers take Jared Cunningham of the Oregon St. Beavers with their second round pick. Cunningham just recently declared for the NBA Draft, and he's definitely the type of guy who could be a value player for the Clippers and fulfill a need for the team.

The Clippers do need shooting guard depth to really stretch the floor, although Cunningham does need to work on his shooting form. But he does possess excellent athleticism and could combine with CP3 to cause havoc to opposing backcourts.

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