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Clippers Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich Of Definite Interest

The Los Angeles Clippers have a deficiency in the two guard spot. With Randy Foye the only legitimate shooting guard on the team, LA doesn't have enough scoring options at certain points and ruins some of the spacing on the floor. Los Angeles probably needs one more player at the two if they expect to do something big thi sseason.

If the Clippers can't get one of their primary targets like Jamal Crawford or Ray Allen, Kirk Hinrich might be the next guy they should look at. Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports.

The Hawks won't find a taker for Joe Johnson and the $90 million he has coming to him over the next four years, but rival executives believe Kirk Hinrich could be on the move -- perhaps filling the gaping two-guard hole on the Clippers. That depends on the asking price, as the Clips' assets were diminished in the Chris Paul trade.

Hinrich isn't quite the shooter that Crawford or Allen is, but he has the perimeter defense that could help Clippers out in the outside against the best swingmen. He's a definite option and his calling price may be less than the other two aforementioned stars.

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