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Lamar Odom Refutes Los Angeles Rumors

The Los Angeles bug is strong in Lamar Odom. Odom played eleven of his first twelve seasons in the NBA in LA. He started off with the Los Angeles Clippers and had four productive campaigns, although the final two were cut brutally short with injuries. Odom was then traded to the Miami Heat for a year and was Dwyane Wade's cohort in crime before being dealt to the Lakers in the Shaquille O'Neal trade. Since then, Odom has been Kobe Bryant's main batterymate for the past seven seasons, culminating in two NBA championships.

It makes sense that Odom would be fond of Los Angeles, and it makes further sense that he'd be interested in a return after his time with the Dallas Mavericks is done. Odom refutes those original rumors, though. Dwain Price of the Star-Telegram reports.

Odom said he never asked the Mavs to buy out his contract so he could play for the Los Angeles Clippers. He also said he's happy with the Mavericks, and doesn't know how some of the wild rumors got started.

"Some of the rumors were untrue and that's something you have no control over," Odom said, "It's just like you're not here for eight days in a row, or however many days, and people stop seeing you and start talking."

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Regardless of whether Odom is interested in a return or not, rumors will persist as long as he stays in his basketball funk. The Mavericks need much more from Odom, and they aren't getting it right now. Dallas needs to somehow get more out of him and release the Los Angeles Odom that was so dangerous for NBA teams to deal with at his best.

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