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Dwight Schrute Is Using the Blake Griffin Foul To Make Topical Jokes

By now, most sports fans know about Blake Griffin and the egregious flagrant foul perpetrated upon him by New Orleans Hornets player Jason Smith. Smith was suspended for two games as a result of the incident and everyone else is getting ready to move on with the next sports news story. Rainn Wilson (better known as Dwight Schrute from The Office), however, is just getting around to making cutting-edge, topical jokes about the situation.

Wilson sent this tweet out on Friday:

Ha ha ha, get it? Because the New Orleans Saints also recently got in trouble for something. In all fairness (and this is something that has been pointed out on basically every episode of SportsCenter, PTI and Around the Horn since the foul took place), it takes a special kind of dummy to pull something like Smith did when you play sports in a town that just had a sports franchise make national headlines for trying to injure people. Well done, Jason Smith. You win "jerk of the week."

And well done to you, Rainn Wilson. You could write monologues for Letterman. (Note that is not an insult. An insult would have been saying "Leno.")

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