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Clipper Darrell Offered Free Season Tickets From To Change His Name To 'Inspin Darrell', a leading sports information website, is trying to ease Clipper Darrell's pain from the team he loves. The website announced on Friday that they'll offer 'Clipper' Darrell Bailey free season tickets if he changes his nickname to 'Inspin Darrell' for the rest of the season. spokesman Nick Riley stated: "All Darrell has to do is get in touch with us by calling 1-855-4INSPIN. Or he can go to and hop on live chat. The tickets are yours, Darrell, for the remainder of the season if you want them."

Darrell Bailey has been one of the LA Clippers' most loyal fans, being there for his team for well over a decade, but Wednesday news broke that Clippers management had forced Clipper Darrell to drop "Clipper" from his name. Now he's left to figure out a new path to travel. He may have found one, at least temporarily in

We wish Darrell all the best in his search.

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