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NBA Power Rankings: Lakers Stay Steady While Clippers Slip

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be finding somewhat of a groove while the Los Angeles Clippers are still one of the biggest X-factors in the league, capable of beating anyone and losing to anyone.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller ranks the Lakers at no. 4 in his Power Rankings even after the Lakers' ugly home loss to Utah on Sunday due to how great their road win at Memphis was. He also pointed out what everyone else is saying - feed Andrew Bynum! The young center is averaging 24 points and 13 boards on 66 percent shooting in his last 10 games. Pretty sure that's considered monster numbers.

But Ziller knocked the Clippers down a few pegs after a 3-2 week that included losses to the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns. He gave Paul props for keeping the Clippers breathing but also pointed out that CP3's accuracy from long range has fallen drastically.

The Lakers (28-17) and Clippers (26-18) are currently third and fourth in the Western Conference, respectively.