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NBA Trade Rumors: Jamal Crawford Deal To Clippers Held Up By Ryan Gomes' Contract

The Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers have discussed a deal that would move Jamal Crawford to the Clippers and send Eric Bledsoe and Ryan Gomes to the Blazers.

But there's a problem.

According to a tweet by Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge, the Clippers will only do the deal if the Blazers take on Gomes' contract and the Blazers seem unlikely to want to do so. If there isn't a change on one of the sides, specifically the Clippers, then this deal could die before the trade deadline.

It would hurt the Clippers more if it doesn't happen. Though they like Bledsoe, Crawford completes a backcourt that has needed another crunch-time scorer and ball handler since Chauncey Billups got hurt. Crawford is one of the best fourth quarter scorers in the league and in a backcourt with Mo Williams and Chris Paul, the Clippers would have one of the best guard rotations in the league.

To discuss the thought of Crawford on the Clippers, head on over to Clips Nation. To talk about the possibility of Gomes and Bledsoe on the Blazers, hit up Blazers Edge.