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Dwight Howard Rumors: Clippers, Heat Of Interest In Free Agency

If the Orlando Magic do not trade Dwight Howard in the next few days, the Magic center will almost certainly be a free agent in 2012 and will be seeking out a host of teams as his next destination. For a long time, it appeared to be a three team race between the Los Angeles Lakers (a destination that would allow him to team up with Kobe Bryant), the New Jersey Nets (who have Howard's buddy Deron Williams to pair up with), and the Dallas Mavericks (who Mark Cuban will probably pursue this offseason to pair with Dirk Nowitzki as the new Twin Towers of Texas).

But it might not be that simple, there might be much more interest.

Obviously, Howard and the Clippers would be a nice fit. The Clippers would probably have to lose one of their big men, most likely DeAndre Jordan, possibly Reggie Evans. But imagining Paul and Howard on the same team paired up with Blake Griffin sounds like a recipe for the team to dominate the league in the near future.

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