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NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers, Blazers Discussing Jamal Crawford For Eric Bledsoe And Ryan Gomes

The Portland Trailblazers could be shopping Jamal Crawford. The Los Angeles Clippers could be the beneficiary.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports has this report.

Crawford would solve a lot of issues for Los Angeles. In crunch-time, only Chris Paul and Mo Williams remain solid contributors. Crawford gives them another option, someone who can create his own shot and doesn't primarily rely on spot ups (like Randy Foye), and in general is very comfortable in crunch time. It covers up Los Angeles's issues at the two (their biggest liability) and gives them a legitimate starting five that can contend with anyone.

Losing Bledsoe is tough sledding, but the Clippers are pretty much set with Paul running the floor for the majority of the game and Williams handling it the rest of the way.

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