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Blake Griffin Gets Run Over By A Car! [VIDEO]

Blake Griffin earned a name for himself with his high-flying dunks and incredible athleticism. At first he only dunked in games, but he stole the show at the NBA Dunk Contest when he jumped over a Kia and sent the ball through the rim. Now, on All-Star Weekend 2012, the cars get their revenge.

Blake Griffin has been run over by a car. We have details and a video after the jump.

Check it out:

Pretty funny.

I still appreciate Kia and their marketing team for trying to convince all of us that Blake Griffin actually drives one of their cars around, but, hey, anything to get your product out there, right?

Griffin will not be participating in the 2012 Dunk Contest, but had numerous impressive dunks while playing in the BBVA Rising Stars Game on Friday night, including an alley oop from Jeremy Lin.

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