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Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin Bring Lob City To Rookie-Sophomore Game [VIDEO]

Blake Griffin has wowed the basketball world for years with his highlight reel dunks and incredible athleticism. Typically the Clippers forward does most of his damage with point guard Chris Paul passing him the ball, but Griffin was matched up with another big-name guard on Friday night at the 2012 Rookie-Sophomore Game: Jeremy Lin.

Lin, as you know by now, is the starting point guard for the New York Knicks that has taken over the sports world after bursting onto the scene a few weeks ago. The 23-year old guard was cut by both the Warriors and Rockets before given a chance with the Knicks and is now a worldwide phenomenon that was given special permission to partake in All-Star Weekend.

Griffin and Lin connected early in the first half of the Rookie-Sophomore game for an alley oop. We have the video after the page jump...

Nothing spectacular, but anything with these two players is always entertaining for the fans. After one half of play, Griffin has just two points, while Lin has no points and the one assists seen above. We demand more from this Rising Stars Game!

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