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NBA Free Agents 2012: J.R. Smith Chooses New York Knicks Over Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers

After starting his 2012 season over in China, former Denver Nugget J.R. Smith has chosen to play for the New York Knicks rather than the Los Angeles Clippers according to ESPN, rejoining some former teammates in Denver, most notably of course Carmelo Anthony.

J.R. tweeted the fact he's heading to the Big Apple, earlier on Friday, exclaiming 'New York it is!" as he prepare's to re-enter the NBA. No contract terms were readily available, but the Knicks offered J.R. Smith a pro-rated stake of a $2.5 million mid-level exception, as well as a player option for a second year.

New York will have to make room for his arrival with seldom used Mike Bibby and Renaldo Balkman as possible candidates, but will also have to fight for minutes that coach Mike D'Antoni frankly doesn't know where they'll come from:

"We'll see, but that'll be a hurdle we'll get over," D'Antoni said after Friday's shootaround. "Obviously, he's a talented basketball player and you can always use talent. But basically it's not going to change up a whole lot what we're doing."

Smith mulled over the possibility of coming West to join the Clippers or Lakers, and had offers from their team's as well, but ultimately decided on New York. And the media attention surrounding the team lately with Jeremy Lin, I's sure J.R. will do his best to make his presence felt there.

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