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Chris Paul And Bar Refaeli On A Trampoline [VIDEO]

Chris Paul is having more good days than bad in his new home with the Los Angeles Clippers. Today was a good day as he made his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue debut with former cover model Bar Refaeli.

And it's clear that whenever he got these photos ready for the SI swimsuit issue wasn't too bad a day either.

Check out the video of Paul and Refaeli trying to keep their bearings on a trampoline.

Chris Paul on a trampoline (via ybrekyert)

Yeah, bouncing on a trampoline in minimal clothing with one of the most beautiful women in the world has to be on the bucket list somewhere. Score one for Paul!

There are ten photos overall in the CP3-Bar spread that you can view online, and you can view all of them by clicking here. See more of CP3 at the SI Swimsuit Issue 2012.

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