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Clippers bench has been overwhelming opponents

The Los Angeles Clippers have used a bench that could challenge for the playoffs as its own team to push leads and blow games open.


It's a great problem for Los Angeles Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro to have.

Coming off the Clippers' bench is a group of players who could easily start for lesser teams across the league. Some have starred in the past and others are young bucks who just happen to come off the bench for a veteran-laden team. Via

"I think it can be overwhelming because usually when you go to the bench that's when another team thinks they can make a run," said Matt Barnes. "There's no letup with our bench."

It has led to a bench effort that has overwhelmed opponents, spurred by the exploits of the early Sixth Man of the Year frontrunner, Jamal Crawford. Crawford leads the league in 20-point games off the bench this season, with 10, and the Clippers have won eight of those games. When Crawford is hot, it usually means good things for the Clips.

"Our second unit is almost scary when we're rolling," Crawford. "Everyone has their role. If you think about it we've all played almost 30 games together now, if you count preseason, so everybody's very comfortable in what they do."

Lamar Odom is also playing better, with a season-high eight points and eight rebounds on Saturday against the Suns. With Crawford, Odom, Barnes, Eric Bledsoe and Ronny Turiaf coming off the bench, and with Grant Hill possibly joining them soon, the Clippers have accomplished, energetic and sometimes explosive players coming off their bench to help a starting five that can have slow starts to games.