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Chauncey Billups warned for flop against Jazz

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Clippers guard Chauncey Billups has been warned by the NBA for a flop against the Utah Jazz.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

His team down by two points to the Utah Jazz and with just more than a minute remaining, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chauncey Billups launched a three-pointer, kicked his leg out while coming down and drawing the whistle for a foul. He hit two of the three free throws and the Clippers went on to win, 105-104, but the NBA fined Billups on Wednesday for flopping.

Replays of the flop showed Billups kicking out his left leg to draw contact with Utah guard Mo Williams. Despite Williams sidestepping Billups's stray leg, he was still called for a foul.

The first infraction of the new NBA rules against flopping only results in a warning, but it comes in Billups's second game back from an Achilles injury.

Billups scored nine points and had one assist to go with two turnovers against the Jazz. His Clippers lead the Pacific Division, and are 11-6 on the year.