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Clippers are becoming a close-knit group

The Clippers have won 10 games in a row and good team chemistry has been a major part of the early season success.

Harry How

While the Los Angeles Clippers have excelled on the court to the tune of an 18-6 record, they are also a strong team off the court.

Winning has likely helped the cause, but Chris Paul and others have talked about how much trust the players have and how good the chemistry is on the team. Paul said the Clippers are like a family and support one another in an effort to always get better. While Paul said there is healthy arguing at times, the Clippers have formed a close-knit bond. That includes often going to dinner or movies as a team.

The Clippers have one of the deeper teams in the NBA and while some of the players coming off the bench are probably capable of starting on other teams, everyone has sacrificed for the success of the team. With a blend of veteran experience and young talent, players often work to help each other improve.

Winning will always make it easier to get along, but the Clippers appear to genuinely like one another and that close-knit bond could be beneficial as the season continues.