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Clippers vs. Pistons preview: L.A. goes for 10th straight win

The Clippers look to make more history against the Detroit Pistons on Monday.

Harry How

To say the Los Angeles Clippers are on a roll would be a tremendous understatement. The Clippers are making history with each win and more history could be in the works if they are able to defeat the Detroit Pistons in Detroit on Monday at 4:30 p.m. PT.

The Clippers have won nine straight games, setting a new franchise record and pulling two games within the franchise-record of 11 games set by the Buffalo Braves in 1974-75.

The Clippers have been riding their depth through it all. If it isn't one player on a given night, it's someone else. Having so many players able to make major contributions has worn teams out and they'll look to continue that against the Pistons.

The Clippers are second in the league in both bench scoring and points in the paint, wearing teams out with their onslaught of fresh and big bodies. And with the Pistons, New Orleans Hornets, Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns as the next four games, the Clippers have a chance to stretch the streak even further.

The Pistons are 7-19 coming into the game.